The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki

Calvin and Hobbes play a lot of games together,such as monopoly (Calvin has a lot of "intrest free bank loans to himself"),and calvinball.A lot of game rules are messed up when they play together.

Indoor games


Calvin and Hobbes play checkers a lot. Hobbes usually wins and Calvin has a fit, but Calvin did win once and was dissatified with the rewards. Hobbes once told Calvin he lost 165 straight games in a row, and Calvin's spirit kicked the spirit of the checkers clear across the room. Once, they were playing checkers when Calvin's father told him that he had to go outside, so they just brought the checkers out with them and played out in the snow.


Calvin sometimes plays monopoly with Hobbes. However, they usually end up robbing each other and stuff like that. One time they made their own Chance cards for the game


Calvin plays scrabble with Hobbes too. Once, Calvin made the word zqfmb, (according to Calvin, it's a worm in New Guinea), which Hobbes claimed wasn't really a word. However, he himself played a 12-letter word with a lot of X's and J's.


Calvin and Hobbes also played chess once,but only once.The strip had almost no diolog exept for Calvin saying he wanted to become an intellectual.

Outdoor games


Calvin and Hobbes play football a lot. They have a lot of fun at first, but then one of them cheats, and they fight. Calvin once said "I think football is a sport the way ducks think hunting is a sport".


Calvin and Hobbes play croquet at times. Most of the games consist only of fighting.


Probably the most famous C&H baseball game was when Moe teased Calvin into signing up for baseball at school. Calvin once commented about baseball, "I can't believe this moronic sport is our national pastime." Calvin and Hobbes also play baseball together, but when one of them thinks that the other cheated, they end up fighting and sometimes kick dirt on each other.


This is one of the more imaginary games consisting between Calvin and Hobbes (and also their Rosalyn). They only rule to this game is you can't use the same rules twice. Other than that, have fun!

Sometimes Calvin and Hobbes are playing another game, and they turn it into Calvinball.