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Calvin plays many different games with Hobbes, both indoors and outdoors and including imaginary sports. As Calvin and Hobbes play team sports with just two players, they often fight over the game rules.

Indoor games[]


Calvin and Hobbes play checkers more than any other board game. Hobbes usually wins, causing Calvin to have a fit, but Calvin did win once – although he was dismayed to learn that there were no tangible rewards. According to Hobbes, Calvin had lost 165 games in a row at one point.


Calvin also plays Monopoly with Hobbes. Calvin often cheats, leading to insults and violence and ending the game (although not ending their fun). In one strip, Calvin and Hobbes admitted to using made-up Chance cards to make the game more exciting. These cards included extreme setbacks and rewards, such as collecting ridiculous sums of money.


Calvin plays Scrabble with Hobbes as well. Once, Calvin made up the word "zqfmgb" (according to Calvin, it's a worm in New Guinea), which Hobbes claimed was not a recognized word. However, he himself had played a 12-letter word with all of the X's and J's. Another time Hobbes spelled "zygomorphic" and "nucleoplasm" for 150 and 40 points respectively. In the throwaway panels of that strip, Calvin said a curse after spelling the word "be" (because it was only worth 2 points), and Hobbes remarked, "My, this game does teach new words!"


Calvin and Hobbes are also seen playing chess, if only once. The strip had almost no dialogue except for Calvin saying he had decided to become an intellectual.


In one strip, Calvin got fed up with his low scores during a game of Scrabble and wanted to play poker instead, since with cards, there is a 50/50 chance of winning. Calvin then bet a nickel and Hobbes raised eight dollars.

Outdoor games[]

Calvin and Hobbes play sports together in the yard and, less often, the woods. Most of their games are team sports; as such, the rules are heavily modified to suit the smaller number of players.


Calvin and Hobbes often play football. They have a lot of fun at first, but then one of them usually cheats, and they will fight over it. Calvin once said, "I think football is a sport the way ducks think hunting is a sport".


Calvin and Hobbes play croquet at times. Calvin admitted in a throwaway joke that it tempted him to hit Hobbes with the mallet.


Probably the most famous Calvin and Hobbes baseball game was when Moe teased Calvin into signing up for baseball at school. Calvin once commented about baseball, "I can't believe this moronic sport is our national pastime." Calvin and Hobbes also play baseball together, but when one of them thinks that the other cheated, they end up fighting and Hobbes can get damaged in the process. They also play variations of this, such as "Speed Sled Base Snow Ball".



The best-known game in Calvin and Hobbes, Calvinball, is an outdoor sport conceived by Calvin. Calvinball has no fixed rules, other than that the same rules cannot be applied to multiple games and that bandit masks must be worn and not questioned. As such, the rules for any given session of Calvinball are made up on the fly during the game.



Calvin played soccer at least once. He was seen demonstrating the game to Hobbes (explaining how the player may use any body part but his hands and ended up hitting himself in the face), and a soccer ball was seen in his room a few times.


Calvin and Hobbes can be seen racing on foot on several occasions.



War is a game where if someone gets hit by a dart the other side loses. However, Calvin and Hobbes get hit by the dart at the same time and Calvin remarks, "Kind of a stupid game, isn't it?".


Peace was a game invented by Hobbes, which he suggested as an alternative to the war game, since neither of them liked war. However, it was never seen being played, due to Calvin claiming that he and Hobbes couldn't play it due to "lack of role models".


Calvin is sometimes shown playing house with Susie, although it is always her idea and he is usually reluctant, occasionally even giving up. In these games, Susie plays as the president, who is married to Calvin, who plays a stay-at-home husband.

In one such game, Susie tried to incorporate Mr. Bun into the game as well, as her and Calvin's newborn baby, but Calvin insisted that since Mr. Bun was a toy rabbit, he could not represent a baby.