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Calvin and Hobbes play a typical game of football.

and Hobbes frequently play football.


Because of his larger size and greater strength, Hobbes usually wins, and Calvin often gets very roughed up such as Calvin saying, "I'm losing the game, but winning an ambulatory adulthood."

More often, though, the pair never finish the game, either because Calvin gets scared and runs away or because they switch to another game, such as chess or Calvinball. Hobbes often plays football as an excuse to pounce on Calvin, who once said that it is no fun to play with a guy who would rather tackle then win, as shown when Calvin makes a fumble. In one strip, they were playing football cross country and believed that every sport should be played that way.

Quotes from football[]

  • Calvin: "You're supposed to tackle me!"
  • Hobbes: "I dunno... That seems so lowbrow."