F-15 School

Fighter Jets are referenced in Calvin and Hobbes on several occasions, in various contexts and situations. Several models are seen, including an F-15 Eagle, F-14 Tomcat and an F-4 Phantom.

Razing the school

Calvin the Fighter Pilot 2

In a Sunday strip, Calvin is pictured in an F-15 jet outfitted with "every conceivable missile". He makes use of the vehicle by destroying his school with missile fire[1]. In the Tenth Anniversary book, Watterson remarked that he had gotten "nasty mail about this [strip]", possibly due to the rise of school shootings in the United States.

Hunting dinosaurs

In another Sunday strip, a squadron of F-14s piloted by Tyrannosaurus rexes became the terror of the late Cretaceous for the herbivores the T-Rexes preyed on. In reality, Calvin was playing with his dinosaur and military toys.

Building a model


Calvin is seen attempting to build model planes on two instances. The first is an early weekday strip, in which he is seen building then smashing an unspecified airplane model[2]. Hobbes implied that he had tried to build models before.

Calvin the Fighter Pilot

He also built a model F-4 Phantom in the 4/19 through 4/24 story arc. Due to his impatience and the minutiae of the model, his creation was misshapen and rough, with glue overlapping at junctions . He fantasized about the model by imagining himself as the pilot of a suddenly crippled F-4, on which nothing responded.


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