The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki

Calvin's school is a run-of-the-mill elementary school. Calvin's schoolmates include Moe and Susie Derkins. Calvin encounters many things at his school, whether it's a fight wth Moe, the constant Fs with Miss Wormwood, or the constant coming and going to the principal's office, or the food at the cafeteria, Calvin always trys to make things fun for himself (like daydreaming), until he gets home. During his time at school, Calvin often daydreams in class, or he would ask many questions that are not according to the subject they're learning. He would pretend to go to the bathroom, or get a drink of water, when he's actually escaping from school. At lunchtime, Calvin would always sit at where Susie Derkins sits, and always tells her about his lunch, or he would buy lunch, and look how gross it is. Sometimes (actually, most of the time), Calvin copies off Susie's answers, or Susie would give a wrong answer to him. In the hall, Moe always bullies Calvin, or tells Calvin to give him a quarter. Before dismissal, Calvin always looks at the clock, and when it rang, he would burst out. This leads to Hobbes pouncing on Calvin.