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Eighty Million Years Ago is a poem written by Bill Watterson. It was a poem he wanted to illustrate lavishly and use for a book, but he never had the time. After getting the artistic freedom to design and arrange Sunday strips however he wished, he came up with a version that he ran as the Sunday Strip on February 9th, 1992.

The Poem[]

Eighty million years ago, back in the late Cretaceous
lived the great Tyrannosaur, a fearsome and predacious
theropod of monstrous size! He weighed six tons or more!
He epitomized the concept of the killer carnivore!

His jaws had teeth like railroad spikes with fore and aft serrations!
This dental hardware was designed for quick eviscerations!
With thrashing bites and awful roars, the T. Rex would attack!
He was, it's clear, a savage Mesozoic maniac!

Imagine then, the panic caused, the horror and the mayhem
When this monster came to town and ate some folks this A.M.!
It was a sight few would forget! He lunged into the crowd!
The multitude became unglued! Their screams were long and loud!

People pushed to get away! The elderly and small
were trampled underfoot by the advancing human wall!
Little Tim was on an errand with his brother Howard.
They dawdled by the candy shop and both kids were devoured.

A camera crew from Channel 3 arrived in town to give
a live report. At this they failed, because they didn't live.
At last, the menace ate his fill. The big Tyrannosaur
stomped away to parts unknown where he had lived before.

Tyrannosaurs, though rarely seen, are certainly still around.
And no one knows just where or when the next one will be found.

...Except me.

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