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Hobbes activates the Duplicator for the first time. (January 10th, 1990)

The Duplicator was yet another one of Calvin's cardboard box inventions. Calvin tipped over the Transmogrifier, and made it into a machine that makes a duplicate of anything using the combined technology of a Transmogrifier and a photocopier. As with his other inventions, the Duplicator didn't work as planned.



The first clone abuses the duplicator. (January 15th, 1990)

The first trial[]

The Duplicator has only been used twice. The first time it was used, Calvin made a duplicate of himself to clean his room while he went outside. The duplicate objected, and went to play outside. After the duplicate left, Hobbes remarked, "He's a duplicate of you, all right," to which Calvin replied, "What do you mean? This guy is a total jerk!"

Calvin's mother ushered the duplicate back inside, asking him why he wasn't cleaning his room, as the real Calvin and Hobbes went outside. Calvin's mom went outside again, and said to the real Calvin, "Didn't I just send you to clean your room?"

When Calvin returned upstairs, he found the duplicate had made four more duplicates. Hobbes said, "Your machine is a big success." One of the duplicates replied, "Are you kidding? It burned out after the fifth one of us!" Another one questioned the original Calvin's authority by saying "Oh yeah? Let's put it to a vote."

The duplicates alternated days of going to school. This got the real Calvin in trouble, and he tricked them under the box, and changed it back into the Transmogrifier. He changed them into worms, and buried them outside.

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Calvin's "perfected" duplicator. (March 22nd, 1991)

The second trial[]

The second time, Calvin added an Ethicator to perfect his Duplicator, making a manifestation of his good side. He sent the duplicate to school, and to do chores. When he tried to explain to Susie that he was Calvin's good side, she didn't believe him, stating: "If that was true, you'd be a lot smaller."

He offered to carry Susie's books, but she responded, "Why? So you can throw them in a puddle or something? Forget it!" He wrote her a Valentine, but she just thought he was being sarcastic. When the real Calvin found out, he and the duplicate got in a fight. When the clone had an evil thought (he wanted to strangle Calvin), he disappeared, thanks to the Moral Compromise Spectral Release Phantasmatron. The Duplicator was never used again afterwards.