Early in the strip, Calvin was a member of a Cub Scout (sometimes referred to as Boy Scout) troop. These story arcs consisted of Calvin going on camping trips with other boys his age. He appears to bring Hobbes along with him tp every camping event, exposing him to ridicule. Only a few areas have been seen, notably a field in the middle of nowhere and the camping site they stay at. On another occasion, when Calvin was dramatically stating that he and Hobbes were lost, another scout told him to "grab [his] stuffed tiger and get [his] rear in gear." Calvin then whispered to Hobbes "We'll try to lose 'em over the next hill".

The Cub Scout story arcs were discontinued (much like the Uncle Max character) in favor of the family camping trips, as said by Bill Watterson in the Tenth Anniversary Book. Despite this, there has been at least one reference to Calvin's Cub Scout membershiip throughout the rest of the strip.

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