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Cub Scouts
Early in the strip, Calvin was a member of a Cub Scout troop, and was featured going on outings in one story arc and a single Sunday strip.

Cub Scouts 2
Calvin's troop was seen going on hikes and camping trips, one time assembling the troop around the campfire for a ghost story[1]. Calvin seemed to only mildly enjoy being part of the troop, being particularly displeased by the camping trips, on which he brought electric appliances and lost his equipment. No members of Calvin's troop were seen apart from a single boy speaking on behalf of the scoutmaster[2].
Cub Scouts 3

The Cub Scout story arcs were discontinued (much like the short-lived Uncle Max character) in favor of the family camping trips, as stated by Bill Watterson in the Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book. The reason for this is that joining a Cub Scout troop seemed out of place given Calvin's antisocial tendencies.

Despite this, there have been references to Calvin's Cub Scout membership throughout the rest of the strip (most prominently in a story arc where Calvin has to untie himself and so consults his Cub Scout manual).


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