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Christmas is a running gag in Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes exchange gifts on the cover of Comic Relief.

Role and Description

Throughout the month of December, Calvin works himself up for the event, worrying about the presents he will get or simply impatient for the day to come. His family, though, shows little of this enthusiasm. Calvin is often seen writing letters to Santa Claus, attempting to justify his "good" behavior, although Hobbes would usually point out Calvin's evil deeds. Anytime Calvin writes a Christmas list to Santa, he usually asks for weapons, and a countless number of other items, as he once asked his mom if she wanted to read his letter to Santa, and his mother, seeing what seemed to be 50 pages, was flabbergasted by that, and after reading some of page one, she told Calvin that he was going to be one sad kid on Christmas morning. On another occasion, Calvin apparently wrote a list at least 200 pages, but more since he used a box instead of big envelopes, and he later decides to go to the north pole to see Santa and tell him he's innocent, only to pass Susie's house, and plan to throw snowballs at her, outpacing Hobbes to the point where blurts his plans out loud enough for Susie to hear. Knowing that Calvin plotted to throw snowballs at her, she throws one at him to teach him a lesson. Calvin attempts to "justify" it by throwing one back, until Hobbes told Calvin that its his big chance to be good. Calvin resists the temptation, and goes back home, with his mom wondering if he even made it. Calvin said that they didn't get past Susie's house, but he proved how good he was, by telling her that Susie hit him with a snowball and he didn't even get her back, and that he deserved more presents. He almost tells her the truth, but then decides to lie that she did it for no reason, thus invalidating his efforts at being good, and Calvin complains that he'll never make it. Snowmen and snowball fights often feature here. Oddly enough, despite many Christmases having passed, Calvin has never grown past the age of six.


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