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Calvin the Human Insect is a minor recurring alter ego of Calvin's. He appeared in a single story arc and a single weekday strip as an insect-sized version of Calvin.

Story arc[]

Calvin the Human Insect first appeared in the 5/12 through 5/13 1986 story arc, where Calvin had inexplicably shrunken to the size of an insect, and acquired the proportionally high strength of one. Calvin the Human Insect seemed rather pleased of his condition, cheerfully discovering his newfound strength by catapulting peas with a spoon at dinnertime. Later he was seen very slowly turning a single page of a school textbook. This was analogous to Calvin playing with his food and doing his homework with difficulty respectively.

Weekday strips[]

Calvin the Human Insect 2

Calvin the Human Insect reappeared in a later weekday comic[1], where he was seeking medical treatment for his condition. To contact his family, he wrote "Help, I'm a bug" on the typewriter to alert his family. This attitude was far removed from that of the previous appearance, in which he expressed no such concern.

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12/15/86 strip[]

Calvin once again appeared in this form, again seeking help for his condition. He attempted to call his father on the phone, but because he was so small, his father only heard buzzing noises.


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