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Calvin the Airline Pilot is a minor alter ego of Calvin's. He appeared in three Sunday strips, one of which also identified him as Calvin the Commercial Airline Pilot.

5/15 1988[]

Calvin the Airline Pilot 2

In this strip, the alter ego revealed his risk-taking nature for the first time. Upon noticing that a plane from a rival airline was competing for his runway, he sped past it, did a barrel roll near the ground at tremendous speed, and pulled back at the last second to claim his runway.

This appearance was analogous to Calvin playing with a toy airplane. He then bargained with his mom to get him another plane.

09/02 1990[]

Calvin the Airline Pilot 3

In his second (and first named) appearance, Calvin the Airline Pilot was in queue for takeoff at an airport. Impatient about how long he had to wait, he decided to cut across free runways and take off without clearance, as well as without warning his passengers and crew.

As a result, the alter ego experienced his only failure when another plane, previously cleared for the runway he had taken off from, threatened a mid-air collision over a crowded highway. This was the first time Calvin the Airline Pilot had violated procedure.

This appearance was analogous to Calvin playing with two toy airplanes. Calvin's mother had given them to him to keep him waiting patiently in the parking lot of the grocery store (Calvin claimed he could of waited longer if he had a third airplane).

06/07 1992[]

Calvin the Airline Pilot 4

In his final appearance, where he was identified as Calvin the Commercial Airline Pilot, the alter ego violated procedure by taking a detour to the Grand Canyon, en route to St. Louis. Calvin anticipated being thanked for the scenic detour, despite observing the terror of his passengers at the time. It is unknown whether the plane safely left the canyon.

This appearance was analogous to Calvin's desire of seeing the Grand Canyon.