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Calvin the Fighter Pilot is a minor recurring alter ego of Calvin's. He appeared in two Sunday strips.

Model fantasy[]

Calvin the Fighter Pilot

In his first appearance, Calvin the Fighter Pilot was in control of an F-4 Phantom in a combat situation over a populated rural area (possibly his hometown). Calvin's plane had grossly malfunctioned; its canopy was fused and smeared, the landing gear stuck, and the controls broken, preventing any control whatsoever resulting in the fighter presumably crashing.

This appearance was analogous to Calvin imagining how his poorly built model F-4 would have performed in the sky.

Razing the school[]

Calvin the Fighter Pilot 2

In his second appearance, Calvin the Fighter Pilot may have been more of his own boss. Here, he piloted an F-15 over his hometown and destroyed his elementary school (in a mildly controversial strip). Although he referred to it as a "mission", he seemed to take pleasure in the destruction and referred to the building as his own school, indicating he was not under orders.

This appearance was analogous to Calvin's exasperation from having to go to school. In the Tenth Anniversary Book, Bill Watterson stated that he got some angry mail about the strip. He noted that some readers found it inexcusable to show a kid having a fantasy about bombing their school off the face of the earth. He noted that apparently some of the readers were never kids themselves.

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