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Calvin's teammates were three (presumably out of eight) different minor charcters featured in the school baseball story arc. They appeared in two different strips after Calvin mistakenly catches the ball for the other team. The other kids call for him to be kicked of the team, and Calvin was told that he was "gonna make us lose." Although not fluent with the rules of baseball (which later led him to creating Calvinball), he regularly plays baseball at his house, usually with Hobbes, himself, or, in one strip, his dad, usually with the addition of his own rules.

Unnamed teammate #1[]

The first teammate that was shown was a kid about the height of Calvin, and with freckles, long dark hair, and a cap. He is at first annoyed about Calvin's performance and catching of the ball. He then calls him and idiot. After Calvin "drops" the ball (by just pouring it out of his glove), he asks Mr. Lockjaw if he can "hit him with the bat". After this, he criticizes Calvin for not knowing how to play, and then tells him that "games are only fun when you win". Since he is not shown in the next panel, it is unknown whether or not he talks, or if it is another teammate.

Unnamed teammate #2[]

The second teammate appears in the same first panel ast the first teammate, and is a kid with a similar shirt to Calvin's, and he has blond hair with large front teeth. The only other panel he's in is when he wants Mr. Lockjaw to get him off the team. Since he is not shown in any other panels, it is unknown whether or not he talks, or if it is another teammate.

Unnamed teammate #3[]

The third teammate is a kid with a baseball t-shirt and has long brown hair. He tells Calvin to join the other team if he's going to get their own guys out. He is only shown in one panel, but it is uncertain wheter or not he talks again two panels later.


  • T#1: Hey, look who made the out!
  • T#2: It's Calvin!
  • Calvin: Heck, it was nothing, guys. When you're in top physical position like me, you can...
  • T#1: You moron! What were you doing in the outfield?! It's a new inning! We're up to bat!
  • Calvin: Huh?
  • T#1: You cought the ball for the wrong team! You got our own guy out! What a dweeb! What a jerk! What an idiot!
  • Calvin: Oops, I dropped the catch. It doesn't count now, right?
  • T#2: Get him off our team, Mr. Lockjaw!
  • T#1: Can I hit him with the bat? Please? Please??
  • T#3: Hey stupid, if you're gonna get our guys out, why don't you join the other team?!
  • T#1: What were you doing in the outfield? Do you even know how to play?!
  • Calvin: C'mon guys, it's just a game! This is supposed to be fun!
  • T#1: Games are only fun when you win, bonehead! You're gonna make us lose!
  • Unknown: If you screw up again, you're dead meat, Calvin!
  • Unknown: Who taught you how to play, anyway? Your grandmother?
  • Unknown: Wait 'till I tell the other teams about this!
  • Calvin: Mr. Lockjaw, I don't want to play any more. There's too much team spirit.
  • Mr. Lockjaw: Ok, quitter! Goodbye.