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Calvin's school day routine is a running gag in Calvin and Hobbes. The gag consists of Calvin having a bad day at school which lowers his mood by the end of the day, unless something comes up to improve it. The cycle is...

1. Woken up by his mother

2. School (class)

3. School (bullied by Moe)

4. Homework

5. Dinner

6. Bath

7. Going to sleep (before he sleeps, Calvin's Mom says something on tommorrow then kisses Calvin, the epilogue is that the lights are turned off and Calvin sighs).

In another strip, his routine is different.

1. Alarm clock goes off

2. Mom wakes him up.

3. Waiting in the rain in his coat.

4. School with his thoughts in a bubble which a duck is saying, "Wak Wak Wak!"

5. Bullied by Moe for money

6. Lunch

7. Class (he gets an F in in the strip)

8. Going back to his house then suddenly pounced by Hobbes

9. He enters the house and his mom says, "Good day?"

10. Calvin responds by saying "Getting better."