Calvin's duplicates

First Duplication

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On January 8th 1990 Calvin invented the duplicator. He was going to use the duplicate to clean up his room for him. But the duplicate went downstairs and then back upstairs and started cloning himself. eventually it burns out after Calvin #6. The clones wreak havoc and everyone thinks it's Calvin but it's his duplicates. Eventually Calvin #1 turns his duplicates into worms and then states he didn't want them to be unhappy then buries them.

Second Duplication

Later Calvin remakes the duplicator and adds an Ethicator and clones his good side and it works. But the duplicate tries to do nice stuff for Suise Derkins and then Calvin has a fight with his duplicate and it evaporates because it had an evil thought. The duplicator hasn’t been seen since March 23, 1991.


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extra duplicate


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