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Calvin and Hobbes attempt to disguise themselves as adults so they can buy tickets to see Vampire Sorority Babes.

In addition to television, Calvin was often interested in seeing movies whose titles and genres were considered distasteful to his parents. These titles were often suggested extreme violence and themes his parents did not think were appropriate. He would get in trouble if he even asked about them.

Some of the movies Calvin wanted to included:

  • Attack of the Coed Cannibals
  • Cannibal Stewardess Vixens Unchained
  • Cuisinart Murderer of Central High
  • Killer Prom Queen
  • Sorority Row Horror
  • Venusian Vampire Vixens
  • Vampire Sorority Babes

At the end of an arc where Calvin and Hobbes were left home alone, Calvin managed to sneak a viewing of Attack of the Coed Cannibals on home video. The aftermath resulted in Calvin becoming extra spooked and making several traps around his room and the house, one of which doused his mother with a bucket of water and made her very upset. Ever since this incident, it is believed this was the reason why Calvin's parents hired Rosalyn as their reliant babysitter.

Their alliterative names and suggestive content are based on real world sensationalistic near-exploitation level B grade 1980s horror movies such as Slumber Party Massacre, Chopping Mall, and The Dorm That Dripped Blood, which often featured co-ed sexuality and the premise of teenagers being the victims of the "monsters" of the films.