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A Story arc that lasted from April 12th to April 25th of 1992.

The arc starts off with Calvin reading the horoscope-section of the local newspaper. When Hobbes comes up to him, Calvin explains that he's decided to believe in stuff like astrology and horoscopes. The horoscope that Calvin reads says, "Turnabout means circumstances in your favor. Assert views in a confident manner. Lunar cycle high, many key policies will be implemented." Calvin interprets this as meaning that he'll have his way all day -- and the first thing he does is play outside instead of doing his homework. When he tries asserting this to his mom, she refuses to buy it and makes him go back inside to do his homework.

Calvin's bummed about this, but cheers up when he remembers that his horoscope said that "Many key policies will be implemented," not "all," and that "[Expect] a turnabout in [Calvin's] favor." Calvin interprets this as his mom relenting later on, and tells Hobbes that his other key policies are staying up late, not going to school and not taking baths anymore. However, Calvin's mom forces him to take a bath and makes him go to bed on time -- when getting ready for bed, Calvin's upset that his horoscope didn't come true -- he and Hobbes hope that things will turn out better tomorrow.

But the next day, Calvin reads his horoscope again and what he reads makes him think that Susie Derkins is in love with him and will end up kissing at some point that day. He tries to avoid going to school, but his parents make him go, and Calvin does everything he can to make his horoscope doesn't come true. Later on, after getting home from school, Calvin claims that Susie never kissed him -- in fact, Calvin put a worm in her hair at one point, to which Susie knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the shins. This is what makes Calvin decide that astrology isn't true and Calvin decides that he's "the master of [his] own fate" (although his mom still forces him to take a bath).

The next day, Calvin and Hobbes are taking a walk through the woods, during which Calvin admits that he's been thinking a lot about astrology and argues that the best preparation for the future is to take the present and "get yourself a good luck charm" (after tripping on a rock and falling into some mud), though Hobbes initially thinks that Calvin was going to say, "Think about what you're doing."


  • We never find out what Calvin's star sign is.