Box Office Lady

The box office cashier was an extremely minor character that appeared in a single strip, dated March 5th, 1986. Calvin decided to go the the movie theater to watch "Vampire Sorority Babes", but Hobbes protested that that is a movie restricted to those eighteen or older, ergo they were ineligible to be admitted. Calvin remarked it wasn't a problem. In the final panel, Calvin is concealed inside a man's trenchcoat while Hobbes (in stuffed plush form) is seen as the head. The woman working at the box office muttered "This is a new one." implying that she is aware that underage kids will do tricks to get into X-rated movies, but has never seen a kid enlist the aid of his stuffed animal to pull such a stunt. Calvin, holding Hobbes on his shoulder, attempts to buy a ticket, remarking from the torso of the straw man, "Two please, I mean one".

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