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Bed Bugs are a Insect that only appeared in only one Sunday strip.


Mom puts Calvin to bed and leaves the the room, but not before saying "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." and shuts the door. Calvin questions the possibility of having vermin in the house when the mattress starts moving! Hobbes identifies it as a bed bug as huge legs sprout out from underneath (witch are, in Calvin's own words, "disgusting")!

Calvin says, "I'll run for some bug spray! Don't let him out!" But Hobbes needs more weight to keep the big bug under, so Calvin puts his foot locker on the bed, making enough noise in doing so that his mom and dad could here him from all the way downstairs.

Meanwhile, Calvin runs in with the bug spray and "Lets (the bug) have it", but the spray was completely ineffective even though Calvin used enough to cloud up the whole room! Calvin doesn't know what to do anymore, but Hobbes hears the dad coming and hope that he can help. But no such thing happens as the bug crawls back under the bed just before Calvin's father comes in, and the following conversation is, "About time, dad! He crawled back under the bed! get a fly swatter!" and the father responds with "I'll (cough) tell you who's about to get swatted! (choke) What have you done to this room?!