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"Kiss your protons! Goodbye, Booger Being!" -Spiff challenges the Bat-Webbed Booger Being


Bat-Webbed Booger Beings are aliens in the Spaceman Spiff universe. After being shot down by Naggons and crash-landing on an alien planet, Spiff came across a specimen (actually Susie Derkins). This is the only time one is ever seen or mentioned.

The Bat-Webbed Booger Being that is seen is a green, Three-eyed, antennae-bearing creature that walks on leathery brown legs with suction-cup feet. These creatures earned their name from their resemblance to a real booger. It is about three times as tall as Spiff. The space explorer described it as "a leech-like creature who sticks to you and never lets you alone until you're dead." The creature must be rather intelligent, As it was able to call an allied Naggon down from orbit, a feat only possible (to people) with machinery.

Spiff's weapon was, as is often the case, ineffective against it; it only enraged the creature. Until Spiff attacked it, the specimen did not manifest any hostilities, But Spiff claimed that it was dangerous.