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Vicious Baseball

The Vicious Baseball is an antagonistic plot device that appeared very late in the strip's run; it is an animated baseball with many sharp teeth that apparently tries to eat Calvin. However, it never actually managed to harm him.

Much like how Calvin's killer bicycle sprang from Calvin's bad experiences with his bike, the Vicious Baseball appeared out of Calvin's fear of being hit by his baseball.


The vicious baseball makes its first appearance in the March 14, 1995 strip. Calvin assures himself he's not afraid of the ball and throws it into the air. However, the ball reveals its fangs as it comes back down and chases Calvin away. In the next strip, a pitch by Hobbes turns into the vicious baseball, which causes Calvin to frantically swing the bat at it. Hobbes quips that Calvin "just struck out for the next five innings."

The vicious baseball later appears again in a short storyline starting from May 17 of the same year. It first chews on Calvin's bat as he tries to hit it, and then his glove when he tries to catch the ball. Calvin's dad later finds Calvin's bat chewed up, and sends Calvin to his room when Calvin tries to explain that it was the ball that did it.