Allosaurus is a species of theropod dinosaur from the Jurassic. It appeared in four Sunday strips and a story arc.

Ultrasauros escape

6/27 through 7/7 1990 story arc

Allosaurus story arc.png

Allosaurus also appeared in this 1990 story arc. In it, Calvin and Hobbes had traveled back in time 140 million years on a photo safari. They came across Diplodocus, Stegosarus, and an Allosaurs – all of which had actually died out by 140 Ma BC. The Allosaurus was hostile to the time travelers, who only narrowly managed to escape.

Calvin the Allosaur

Allosaurus made a number of appearances as a minor recurring alter ego of Calvin's.

Calvin, the Awful Allosaur

Calvin the Allosaur (identified as "Calvin, The Awful Allosaur")

Ultrasauros attack

Brontosaurus attack

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