Allosaurus is a genus (for the purposes of this article, a species) of large carnivorous dinosaurs from the Jurassic. It appeared in four Sunday strips and a story arc.

Ultrasauros escape

6/27 through 7/7 1990 story arc

Allosaurus story arc
Allosaurus also appeared in this 1990 story arc. In it, Calvin and Hobbes had traveled back in time 140 million years on a photo safari. They came across Diplodocus, Stegosarus, and an Allosaurs – all of which had actually died out by 140 Ma BC. The Allosaurus was hostile to the time travelers, who only narrowly managed to escape.

Calvin the Allosaur

Allosaurus was also a minor recurring alter ego of Calvin's. It appeared as such in three Sunday strips.

Calvin the Allosaur

Allosaurus Calvin the Awful Allosaur
Calvin the Allosaur (identified as "Calvin, The Awful Allosaur") is a minor alter ego of Calvin's. It appeared in a single Sunday strip. In it, Calvin somehow transformed into an Allosaurus in his room and went outside to enter a Jurassic environment. There, it hunted a passing Diplodocus by means of ambush, as an analogy to Calvin scaring his mother by hiding in a closet and, upon her opening it, jumping out while making a hideous grimace.

Ultrasauros attack

Allosaurus Ultrasaurus
Allosaurus appeared once more as a minor alter ego of Calvin's in a Sunday strip. In it, a Supersaurus (identified as an ultrasaur, in reference to Ultrasauros) took in a drink at a waterhole; the Allosaurus, also thirsty, tried to confront it for access to the water. However, as it apprached its competitor, the Allosaurus realized it had no chance of bringing it down.

Brontosaurus attack

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